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Over 40 years of experience in safety nets

Frictape was founded in 1977 as the engineering office of Mr. Jarmo Uotila. Uotila studied aviation in the Universities of Minnesota and Helsinki, completing his Master of Science degrees in both universities. He also has a lisenciate’s degree from the University of Helsinki.

In 1975, the leading authority of the aerodynamic decelerator field D.Eng. Professor Helmut G. Heinrich declared: “Mr. Uotila has shown an outstanding talent of applying theoretical matters and concepts to engineering problems.” In the following decades the above saying by, D.Eng. Heinrich has proven true with Uotila’s unique products for aviation and offshore and onshore use.

In Frictape’s early years the company concentrated on aviation engineering. The main products until 2004 were parachutes, fighter plane and car safety nets and engineering. The first-ever airliner cargo net was designed and manufactured by Frictape for Airbus.

In 2004, landing nets became the company’s main product. The company name was changed to Frictape in 2009. Today, Frictape is an internationally-renowned expert in high-quality helideck safety nets.