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We are the expert in helideck safety solutions

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Frictape Helideck Landing Net is known as the global market leader with over 1000 helidecks served. It delivers highest safety with 40-80% savings in lifetime costs vs traditional rope nets. Its unique, innovative materials and low-profile structure ensure that helicopters and personnel can always enjoy safe and hassle-free operations on any helideck.

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  • Safest in the industry
  • 40-80% lifetime cost savings
  • Over 1000 helidecks served
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Frictape Perimeter Net offers market-leading safety with 40-80% reductions in lifetime costs vs traditional metal mesh nets. Out nets are uniquely designed and custom-built for your helideck, providing standard-exceeding strength, extreme reliability and fastest installation.

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  • Most popular choice in offshore – over 800 sets delivered
  • Save 40-80% in lifetime costs
  • Easiest installation
  • All References

Our innovative, standard-complying approach offers operational flexibility beyond any other system on the market: light modules can be integrated to the landing net (no need to drill holes to the helideck) or fastened to the deck in more traditional fashion. Approved by all aviation authorities for safe global operations

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  • Modules fixed to landing net or to helideck
  • Globally approved – fit for all operations
  • For helidecks, helipads and Military vessels
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Our HMS Repeaters meet the latest requirements for safe helicopter operations on offshore helidecks.

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  • Excellent heat dissipation for longest lifetime
  • System simplicity for lowest costs
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Our friction testing service

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About Us

Our superior track record and global references mean you can count on us for all your operational needs.

Since our foundation in 1977 our focus has been on mission critical safety solutions for commercial and military sectors. Today, with over 1800 installations worldwide, our helideck safety solutions are world’s most widely used ones in offshore. Highest safety in the industry, with lowest total costs over lifetime, mean that with Frictape you save typically 40-80% in lifetime costs, compared to traditional options, while ensuring superior safety for your teams.

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1800+ Installations Wordlwide
40-80 % Savings in Lifetime Costs

Latest News

18 April 2023

We are looking for a new Global Sales Manager

Looking for new talent

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Welcome to our new webpages !

They are now here !

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23 September 2022

Frictape announces HMS Repeater Light solution to meet new UK CAA Requirements

HMS Repeater now available to meet latest CAP 437 requirements

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2 November 2020

Circle & H Netlight installed in Dubai Harbour

Netlight installed in Dubai Harbour

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25 September 2020

Installations back on track – first time in Abu Dhabi in a long time

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15 April 2020

Frictape announces HMS Repeater Light solution to meet new UK CAA Requirements

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3 October 2019

Lagercrantz acquires 70% of Frictape

We have some major news to announce – Frictape has a new main shareholder, Lagercrantz Group, a specialized, publicly listed investor in SME B2B companies. We continue to operate independently within the group and expect no changes to the way we work with our customers globally. See press release below

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We are trusted by the worlds leading companies.

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